Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I missed my church

It's Sunday, everyone is healthy, so we head to church. It's a church that Shannon and a couple of the kids went to about 3 years earlier on the recommendation of a friend. Shannon really enjoyed it so this year we headed back.
The church is a small, out of the way, country church. Three years earlier it was on a dirt road, but it was paved this year. Our GPS got us there safely and on time.
There was nothing Shannon or I could pin point exactly, but things didn't seem "right". I know that we shouldn't base decisions on feelings, but something was just "off." There was a new pastor, the people were very nice and the lesson was Biblical, but after church, Shannon and I both just felt uncomfortable. The women seemed to "run the show" directing everyone and everything. The songs were not familiar to us. This didn't bother me. Different churches prefer different songs and as long as they are not sinful songs I have no problem. It was just humorous to me that the congregation didn't seem to know the songs any better then we did.
Well, when we got home, we decided to look for another church to go to that evening.

The afternoon the kids spent in the pool while Mom and Dad watched and relaxed.

My husband has been taking correspondence courses from Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City (?) so we decided to see how far away that church was from us. To our amazement it was a little closer than the "other" church. It's a large church and they were having a revival at the time so we kind of got lost in the crowd. When we heard that Bryan Sharp was one of the special speakers we knew we were in the place that God wanted us for that night. We felt right at home listening to someone that we so recently heard at our own church.
Well, that about sums up this day. No pictures, no amusement park, just doing what we normally do on a Sunday, minus the bus route,nursery, choir, etc.

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